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Oneness with the Divine, or Universal Consciousness, can be your single most important tool to achieve success and positive permanent change!

Lesson IV

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In this lesson we proceed with the prt of our path to Oneness. This is the element of air. As I have shown you in the previous lessons, the air element is symbolized by the square. It is also represented by the Hebrew letter VAU, a link between the hot and dry fire and the cold and humid water.

The air element is hot and humid. It is interaction between the two principle opposites of fire and water. It structures the interaction of these two elements. It is life form of water expanded by fire into life force. Earth, on the other hand, is light energy of fire condensed by water into conscious matter. The manifested. Will interacts with the astral plane of desire, and a mental matrix emerges that is at the root of eventual creation in the material and conscious plane. Before anything can become conscious it takes an astral matrix that is shaped according to a mental structure, or pattern. This simple relationship is well expressed in the three "mother" polygons of geometry: the triangle, the pentagon, and the square.

It is imperative that you become thoroughly acquainted with the elements and the corresponding planes in order to achieve Oneness with the Divine. Once you have the key that is at the root of all things conscious, or created, you can effect these things with ease.

The Mental Plane

With this lesson you will learn how to join and align three elements: the elements of fire, water, and air. Below I repeat the key words for each one of these elements:


Hot and dry, positive and electric, expanded light energy. Will, the world of emanation, or caus equilateral triangle.

The Hebrew letter YOD in the Divine name.

The Salamanders, fire spirits or fire elementals.

The Divine spark that is at the root of all manifestation.


Cold and humid, negative and magnetic, concentrated life energy. Emotions, the world of formation, or the astral plane.

The regular pentagon.

The Hebrew letter HE in the Divine name.

The Undines, water spirits or water elementals.

The formative potential of desire that interacts with the Divine will.


Hot and humid, positive and magnetic, expanded life energy. Mind, the world of creation, or the mental plane.

The square.

The Hebrew letter VAU in the Divine name.

The sylphs, air spirits or air elementals.

The creative potential of (mental) structuring that links the desire to manifest with the Divine will to manifest.


Cold and dry, negative and electric, concentrated light energy. Consciousness, the world of forms, the material plane.

The pentagram.

The Hebrew letter HE in the Divine name.

The gnomes, earth spirits or earth elementals.

The synthesis of the other elements that results in conscious manifestation.

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The Interaction with fire, Water, and Air

Fire, water, and air are the three elements that are at the root of conscious and material manifestation. Mastery of the three elements of fire, water, and air, is a gigantic step toward mastery of the created energies of the universe. Oneness with the Divine will give you this mastery. The four elements are at the energetic basis of our Solar system. Mythologically speaking, these elements create the Solar system with all its entities, or energies of a higher order (HOE). Therefore it is no coincidence that the letters of the Divine name are an expression of the four elements in creative action, a world formula, so to say. The first three letters of the divine name are a very useful tool to reverse the energies of any attack back to its origin. This is so because when you are master of the three corresponding elements you can dominate any and all energies of a higher order such as spirits, devas, angels, and demons.

Your outer realm

Before you include the air element in your aligning of the four elements, you will expand your outer realm. You will include utensils that represent the element of air.

Again you draw a circle around yourself. Trace a triangle on the table. You may surround this triangle with a circle. Put a candle and wand into the triangle to represent the fire element. Also include the elemental talisman (a triangle) that you have previously charged. To represent the water element you put a cup with water in the circle. Include the elemental talisman of water, i.e., the pentagon. For the air element you put an incense burner inside the triangle. You may add a dagger or a sword. Include the elemental talisman for air, the square.

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From what I have said in the previous chapter it should be obvious that the triangle of manifestation on the altar (the large triangle) does not only represent the will of the magician (the fire element) that contains the spirit, or energy, within this space. It does also represent the trinity of the elements beyond that which is manifest and conscious and manifest: fire, water, and air. In many pagan mythologies this trinity finds its expression in the Divine trinity that is above the world. You find this trinity also in the Christian mythology, since the Christian religion is a paganized Jewish religion. But a god that cannot manifest itself is dead. Therefore there is the necessity to make things created manifest and conscious. Even a spirit whom you evoke needs to become your conscious perception. It needs to "materialize" inside the triangle that contains it. With the sword or dagger the magician has a dominance over the spirit that comes from the plane above the astral: from the mental plane.

After you have set up your altar, you charge it with your awareness that this setup is going to attract the elemental energies of air as soon as you set the whole operation in motion by lighting the incense. As incense I suggest frankincense or sandalwood.

To charge this outer realm for your practices with air, you imagine yourself drawing energies of the air element from the universe and projecting it into the triangle. See these energies as having the color yellow. Proceed with this practice until you feel good about the amount of energy that you have accumulated in this way. Then proceed with the practice by exploring the realm of the air element in the workspace within yourself.

Exploring the Air Element.

First you establish your inner elemental realm. You see yourself in this place, surrounded by a protective sphere. This sphere will surround you for as long as you explore the realms of the air element. To your back you see a gate in the shape of a yellow square. Go through this gate and enter the realms of the air element. At first you may perceive air in many different forms of manifestation. Later new experiences will come to you. As you travel in this realm, keep your attention open to the various impressions, visions, and especially thoughts, that you may perceive. Leave this realm whenever you want to do so. After closing the practice, write down your experiences that you have in this realm for your records.

While you are traveling in this inner realm, be aware that this realm is closely connected with the outer realm and with the cosmic realms of the element. The separation into three different realms is an artificial one that sees three different aspects of one and the same reality.

Being One with the Mind

Again, set up your outer realm, r. You may notice spirits of the air, such as sylphs, and other things that connect with the air element.

Now repeat mentally six times:

I am all mind

Each time you repeat this sentence you focus on the realm of air as you have practiced previously. You may visualize this sentence written in moving yellow letters.

Next you say once:

I am One.

Repeat this sequence at least three times. After your practice make notes of your experiences, visions, etc., in your magical diary.

Practice of Aligning the Three Elements or Practice of the Trinity.

1. In front of yourself see a fiery triangle, with manifestations of fire within this gate, as you have practiced in the previous lessons.

2. Repeat six times to yourself:

I am all will.

3. Say once:

I am One

4. To your left you see a blue and watery pentagon, with water in many forms, water spirits, etc.

5. Repeat six times to yourself:

I am all emotions.

6. Say once:

I am One.

7. Behind yourself see an airy yellow square, your gate to the air element.

8. Repeat six times:

I am all mind.

9. Say once:

I am One.

10. Repeat six times mentally:

Will, emotions, and mind, are aligned; will, emotions, and mind are One. I am One. I am One with the Divine Trinity.

Practice this sequence at least three times before you proceed to the next lesson.

If you have a Chi Generator, set it at a frequency of 3.5 and carry the transfer disk on you while practicing.

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