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Oneness with the Divine, or Universal Consciousness, can be your single most important tool to achieve success and positive permanent change!

Lesson VI

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The Outer Realm

In this lesson you will deepen your experience of Divine consciousness. I will also give you additional suggestions of how to expand your practice. You will work with a very specialized outer realm that will help you in the deepening of your experience. As you proceed with the practice, you will internalize this outer realm more and more so that eventually it will no longer be necessary.

If you proceed as I am going to outline below, you succeed with ease in making the consciousness of being One a permanent attitude. Such attitude will give you dominion over the energies of a higher order (spirits) that you will contact during your magical evolution.

You set up your outer realm in a form that reflects the alignment of the four elements.

At first you trace a circle around yourself in which you are going to stand or sit. You imagine this circle of being part of a protective sphere that surrounds you. As you progress in your magical evolution you will expand the characteristics of this protective sphere. Consequently your power in dealing with complex energies of a higher order (spirits) will increase, especially when you are going to use the commanding power of Divine consciousness. In front of your circle you have your table, or altar. The altar is nothing but an individual switchboard that serves as a structural link to the specific realms, or energies, which you intend to explore or use. In the practice that you are going to do, your altar, of course, has to be a structural representation of the aligning of the four elements within yourself and an expression of the structure of the Divine name. Therefore your altar will have utensils that represent the four elements. These utensils should be arranged in a way that reflects their aligning. You set your table up as follows:

Draw a circle on the table. You may use a cord and lay out a circle with the cord. Inside the circle you trace an equilateral triangle. This is your triangle of manifestation. Leave enough space between the triangle and the circumference of the circle for the utensils of the four elements. Put one or two altar candles inside the triangle. Two candles especially are of use to control and see the energies that you are going to connect with.

Inside the circle, but outside the triangle, you put the utensils that represent the four elements. Put the elemental triangle with the candle to the upper right. Put the elemental pentagon with the cup of water or wine to the upper left. Put the elemental square with the incense (and dagger if you like) to the lower left. Finally you put the elemental pentagram with the crystal (or dish with earth) to the lower right.

You can use this basic circle for many other types of work. In each case this setup will represent your oneness with the Divine.

Your next step is the charging of your outer realm with the energies that you are going to use. You do so by first charging the circle that surrounds you. While imagining this sphere that surrounds you, you know that this sphere is protection. Then you take your power rod (or dagger) and trace the circle on the altar. You may do the tracing with your index finger that points toward the periphery of the circle. While you trace the circle you project energy into it. It builds up like a sphere of which the material circle that you have traced is the equator. Next you trace the triangle in the center of the circle. As you trace the triangle with your finger or power rod or dagger, you visualize strongly that energy flows into the lines of the triangle. Light the two altar candles. Proceed to light the candle that represents the fire element. Project fire energy into the elemental triangle of fire. Imagine the elemental triangle being a gate to the cosmic realms of fire. Draw the red fire energy from the universe while you inhale and project it into the elemental triangle of fire while you exhale. Proceed with the charging of the elemental pentagon of water with the blue energy of the water element. Charge water energy into the pentagon until you feel that this is enough. Proceed the same way with the air element and with the earth element. After you have finished with charging the four elemental talismans you proceed to imagine their energies flowing into the triangle in the center of your altar, mainly into the area between the two candles.

At first your work may not appear to you as perfect as you would have expected. Be assured that with practice your methods of drawing and projecting energies will gain in intensity and power.

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The Inner Realm

Now you use what you have learned in the previous lessons to establish your inner realm. In a meditative state you see yourself in your favorite location. This may be the peak of a mountain, a clearing in the woods, a temple, or whatever other location you choose. You know that you are the ruler, or Divine being, of your universe and that you have all elemental energies available and that you can draw and project any of these energies of the universe.

In front of yourself you notice a flaming red triangle that is the gate to the realms of the fire element. You see Salamanders and spiritual fire as well as many forms of fire. You have the awareness that you are One with your will and with the causal forces of the universe. You know that you are connected with the causal plane, or the world of emanation.

To your left side you see a watery blue pentagon that is the gate to the realm of the water element. You see Undines and spiritual water as well as many forms of water. You have the awareness that you are One with your emotions and with the astral forces of the universe. You know that you are connected with the astral plane, or the world of formation.

Behind yourself you see an airy yellow square that is the gate to the realm of the air element. You see Sylphs and spiritual air as well as many forms of air. You have the awareness that you are One with your mind and with the mental forces of the universe. You know that you are connected with the mental plane, or the world of creation.

To your right side you see an earthy brown pentagram that is the gate to the realm of the earth element. You see Gnomes and spiritual earth as well as many forms of earth. You have the awareness that you are One with your consciousness and with the material forces of the universe. You know that you are connected with the material plane, or the world of forms.

You know that you are dominating these worlds, or planes. You draw the energies from the four gates toward yourself where they merge. You may repeat the mantra "YOD HE VAU HE" several times while connecting each of the letters with the corresponding element as you speak out the Divine name. This strengthens your awareness that you are One with the divine and that the energies of the universe are under your command. Remain in this state of consciousness for as long as you wish. Be aware that the Divine spark is within yourself. Be aware that this your divinity is present even at times when you are not consciously aware of this fact.

End this meditative state whenever you feel like doing so. You know that this state remains a reality for you in your nonconscious realm.

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Group Practice

Very powerful is group practice of Oneness. In such a practice an experienced person leads the energy projection into the altar. Such energy projection, of course, is very powerful since all members of the group project energies. Then the group leader guides the group through the meditation of Oneness in the inner realm. A very powerful practice is to connect the inner realms of all participants into One! This leads to an experience of a joint consciousness of being Divine! All members of the group are One!


Practice with the Inner Realm only!

The outer realm is near indispensable at the beginning of your work. However you may practice at any time by simply working from within your inner realm. As you progress you may achieve the consciousness of Oneness simply by repeating the mantra "YOD HE VAU HE" several times.

Projection of Light

The projecting of Divine Light has many purposes such as healing and protection. If a person is grounded in Divine consciousness and has received the appropriate initiations, he or she can project Divine Light to help others achieve their consciousness of being One at a more rapid rate. Very powerful is the practice in which several persons who have Divine consciousness project at one person. We are practicing this in group seminars. In such seminars the participants achieve their state of cosmic consciousness within one weekend of intensive practice.


After you have read this course or, better yet, if you have worked through these lessons, you can now understand the crucial importance of Oneness for your overall success in metaphysical training. Now you can understand why Oneness is to be at the beginning of any meaningful metaphysical training. Cosmic consciousness helps you in many ways. Above all, with this consciousness you will act from a Divine perspective rather than from a limited human perspective.

The advantages of being One are obvious especially in metaphysical work. Persons who are One need no longer be in danger of getting possessed by low astral beings who pose as high spiritual teachers or evolved warriors of ancient times in order to entice their victims. Such beings are constantly trying to seize a human body so that they can manifest on the material plane. Oneness at the beginning of your training protects you against these dangers for good!

Oneness will allow you a much faster overall progress in any type of metaphysical path!

Being certain that this course will be a decisive help on your path, I remain

Yours in Oneness of Universal Consciousness

Karl Hans Welz

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